In 2010, London exceeded the likes of New York, Tokyo and Paris to take the top spot in terms of retail sales – London shoppers spent an incredible £64.2 billion in London’s shops. It is this unquenchable thirst and affluence of the London market that has attracted the likes of the multi-billion retail business Westfield Group. When this is combined with the fact that London boasts one of the most affluent and upmarket profiles in the UK – it is clear why London is a ‘must have’ on any media plan.

The London Underground offers media exposure on consumer’s journeys to and between these key hubs that are used for transport into the prime West End shopping destinations such as Oxford Circus, Bond Street, Piccadilly Circus and Marble Arch. As well as this core central retail destination, the Underground stations at High Street Kensington, Canary Wharf, Notting Hill Gate and many more offer an opportunity to target the London shopper at other retail hubs, immediately prior to arriving at the retail space.  On top of this, 85% of Westfield London visitors arrive by public transport.

Buses are seen by over four million people every week in Greater London – with the vast majority of these servicing central London and travelling through the retail hotspots that the Capital offers. Anyone walking down Oxford Street or Regent Street will not be able to avoid the presence of Bus ads and it’s the ability of these enormous canvases to influence at the point of purchase that give Bus ads the competitive edge over other media choices.