Wireless cameras are easier to install and relocate than wired cameras. If your Wi-Fi network is already set up across your office than the installation becomes even quicker.

No wires mean that the camera feed can’t be sabotaged by someone damaging the wires and the camera would be out of reach of people on the street to try and damage.

In general, wireless cameras have a poorer picture quality than wired cameras and the picture quality can decrease further if there is something affecting the signal.

Any problems with your Wi-Fi network has an effect on the output of wireless cameras. Whether the Wi-Fi is down or if there are many devices accessing the Wi-Fi at the same time, the image quality can suffer or even be lost for a time.

However, in recent years, wireless CCTV cameras have developed massively in terms of picture quality. The majority of wireless cameras are digital, providing better image quality and resolution.

Bad weather can also affect the signal for those cameras placed on the outside of a building much like how satellite television can go down in a storm.

Should I get a Wireless CCTV Network?

There are a number of ways to improve the level of security for your business, including shutters and biometric systems.

However, a wireless CCTV network truly offers a number of key benefits that makes them a popular choice.

Given their versatility and lack of cables, you’ll be able to put wireless cameras in remote areas that potential intruders or criminals not even spot.

This will provide your business with greater protection from those breaking the law.