We have a wide range of standard advertising panels and digital displays. Where off-the-shelf products are not suitable, we design bespoke products tailored to our partners’ brief.

We operate under the principle that no one knows an environment better than the authority or landlord/owner itself. Our role is to listen to our asset partners’ needs and to develop a product/solution that will work both commercially and aesthetically in the designated environment. Our bespoke solutions are designed to meet revenue objectives as well as stakeholder and user group expectations.

CBS Outdoor has a meticulous approach to design and has created products for unique environments. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, our understanding of form and our respect for the urban landscape. From the outset, our partners are fully involved in the design process.


Virtually any space can be turned into an advertising medium.

Broadly speaking, no two spaces are alike. One site will deliver higher advertising revenues than another. So, if an asset partner can only build ten sites, we will work with that partner to build the ten best sites. We will create effective quality displays to ensure the sites work financially while achieving ambience and quality objectives.

It does not always follow that the more sites, the higher the advertising revenues. We get the best value out of each site by developing bespoke advertising solutions/programmes based on analysis of the prospective audience, using proprietary research tools and our understanding of advertisers’ likely demands.

Our philosophy is to develop and implement just enough sites to maximise revenue potential but not too many so as to be unnecessarily obtrusive or to saturate the advertising message. High-quality sites in sought-after locations will always yield premium returns. We situate panels in the most strategic locations, targeting the largest and most r