Over one billion passenger journeys are made on the London Underground each year, and the network has become one of the city’s most famous & best loved features. From the traditional roundel logo and iconic tube map to the familiar call of ‘mind the gap’, the Tube has developed a culture of its own and forms part of the very fabric of the capital.

London Underground is at the heart of every culture and community across London offering the most efficient method to reach a huge array of audiences. The Tube now regularly carries more than four million people a day. This staggering figure reflects the daily decisions of millions of workers, tourists, shoppers and residents. There are almost as many daily trips on the Tube as there are on the entire National Overground rail network.

Advertising in this unique environment not only allows advertisers to broadcast their message to everyone, it also offers a unique level of consumer engagement. With an average of 3 minutes waiting time on platforms, commuters have plenty of time to read, consider and take in your message. Moreover, 87% of consumers welcome Tube advertising as it provides a welcome distraction during their journey.

All in all, the positive relationship consumers have with Tube advertising leads them to act on it. Our research shows that 79% of commuters have been somewhere, bought something or looked something up as a direct result of tube advertising.