Everyone knows that buses move.  But did you know that on average a bus covers over 700 miles every week.  That means a Streetliner travels the equivalent of John O’Groats to Lands End every seven days.  That’s something no other media can do.

Buses draw in pedestrians as they walk down the high street.  They deliver unavoidable messages to motorists in cars.  They talk to and elicit responses directly from passengers as they travel on them.  Our national bus offering delivers unique ways to talk to the UK’s population in all the main cities and towns.

Bus the story doesn’t stop there.  Consumers are becoming more mobile.  We are spending more and more time out and about, away from more traditional static media.  Where people go, buses go.

So it’s just logical to make the most of your advertising budget by captivating valuable consumers on the move on the most seen medium in town – bus.